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Titles currently available:
The Four Gospels:
Available in either “limp” or wooden board bindings.
The simple version is tied with plain thongs, more elaborate ones include clasps, cover decoration, brass studding etc.
The Gospels were divided into chapters during  the 12th to 13th century. In our editions, these are numbered and each  is marked by the first word(s) being printed in red, with a dropped initial letter. Verse numbers are omitted, as these were not used before the 16th century. However in order to assist cross reference to a modern bible, each separate verse has been indented.
These are the Vulgate (Latin) texts and are appropriate from about the 9th century onwards

A small Latin Psalter  is also available, either in plain limp binding or as a girdle book.  
John  is available as a single gospel -also with an illuminated first page         
And for the Lollards we have the
Wycliffe’s English translation of the Apocalypse or “Revelations of St John”
circa 1370    
Normally limp bound
Secular Books:
The Gnostic Gospels of Mary & Philip
These are the highly controversial Gospels which strongly imply a special relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene which has been sometimes been interpreted as indicating that they were married.
The Gospel of Mary is very short, and is  incomplete. In our version several pages have been obviously torn out. In the original document they are simply missing.
The Doctor’s Book
Gilbertus Anglicus on Medicine
This text dates from the 13th century, but continued to influence medical practice through to the 1600’s. Includes cures for feebleness of sight, worms in the ears -and many more equally dreadful diseases.  104 pages .  Appropriate from 1300
This is a typical early mediaeval Bestiary,  based on two originals from the 12th  & 13th centuries. Fully illustrated
The Book of the Beasts
To appreciate  this book it is essential to realise that our modern concept of “Natural History” only dates from the, 18th centuries. The purpose of the Bestiary was to show how the different animals and birds had their individual place in Creation, and how each one was endowed with a moral message which can be interpreted for the benefit of us poor sinners      
112 pages. Modern English
Appropriate from 1100 AD
All the other Canterbury Tales
More Wycliffe Translations
A Herbal
A Book of Hours. This is not going to be a facsimile of any of the well known texts, but an original version.
Paracelsus on Alchemy
Eikon Basillica

CHAUCER in the original middle English. Usually limp bound.

Treatise on the use of the Astrolabe

Canterbury Tales:

The General Prologue, The Merchant’s Tale, The Clerk of Oxford’s tale, The Franklin’s Tale,    

The Pardoner’s Tale, The Wife of Bath’s Tale, The Miller’s & Reeve’s Tales, The Prioress’s & Shipman’s Tales

The Canon Yeoman’s Tale, The Knights Tale  .... And more to follow

Geoffery of Monmouth  -The Prophesies of Merlin.
A short text including the famous battle between the two dragons plus many strange and wonderful foretellings by the Great Bard

The so called Gospel of Philip appears to be a collection of texts concerned with Gnostic views of the origin and nature of mankind and the sacraments of baptism, unction and marriage. Mary Magdalene is the named as being Jesus’s “special” companion

Religious Texts: