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Decorated Bindings
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Decorated Bindings
The front cover of a valuable book is often richly decorated -especially copies of the Gospels. Early books were often heavily jewelled, but  blind tooled and carved leather decorations were also used.

Many early books were also studded. This may also have had a practical value in holding the leather in place
Detail: 10th century mosaic, Haigia Sophia
Detail:  15th century
Market  Fountain,
The Strahov Gospel, (Prague) circa 870 AD
Carved leather binding
circa 1400
Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg
Clasps and Ties
Because vellum remains very springy, books had to be closed using some form of fastening. Although the clasps and studs for high status books were very elaborate, most books were tied with simple leather thongs.
Old book with leather ties.
Detail:St Jerome, Durer 1521
Gospels, £95