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The Psychic World

One of the distinguishing features of  old books is that the margins are often filled with notes (“gloss”),  made by previous owners.
So feel free to add handwritten notes, comments and corrections wherever you like!

You will almost certainly find plenty of typing mistakes etc  in the text -so simply correct them using an old-fashioned dip pen and Indian Ink

Note: If you have the skill to do so, decorative lettering can be re-inked and illustrations can be repainted by hand. If you are interested in doing this, please contact us and we will send you a few loose pages to practice on
For maximum effect, can we suggest gilding some of the illustrations and lettering
Doodle style decoration can be very easily added to the dropped capitals,  using a mapping pen and drawing ink.
Detail of lettering from a breviary dated 1380
All the  books are made out of very durable materials - and the more wear and tear they get, the better they will look. However, if repairs are needed the best glue to use is flour paste or “school” PVA