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Price Guidelines
The cost of any of the books is governed by four main factors:
1) Pre-print. This includes editing the text, setting dropped capitals and other typeface alterations
    -and also the preparation of illustrations

2) Printing costs. This obviously depends on the size of the book -but also includes the quality of the paper used

3) Sewing the book block. This is done by hand, and is very time consuming.

4) The actual binding. Bindings using wooden boards are more expensive than limp bound, as is an elaborate binding using high quality leather

Each book is unique, but approximate prices for 2013 are:
Vulgate Gospels
Limp bound leather £95
Full leather, wooden boards £145

Gospel of John
Limp bound leather £35
Half bound £45
Full leather, wooden boards £55

The Gnostic Gospels of Mary and Philip
Limp bound leather £27.50

Wycliffe Apocalypse
Limp bound leather £25

Girdle book (Brief Psalter)
Wooden boards £50
Leather boards covered in goat skin £45
As above in Moroccan Kid £50
Also available as a blank book £40-£45

Brief Psalter (1 Marian illustration)
Limp bound leather  £25
Half bound £35
Fully bound £50

Most books can be presented with
Romanesque tooling or studs.
Prices on application
Limp bound £45
Half bound wooden boards £55
Fully Bound wooden boards £75

Doctors Book (Gilbertus Anglicus)
Wrap-round leather £35

Chaucer:(all Limp Bound)
Treatise on the use of  the Astrolabe £35
The Canterbury Tales
General Prologue £25
The Canon Yeoman’s Tale £25
The Pardoner’s Tale £25
The Nun’s Priest & Second Nun’s Tales £25
The Shipman’s and Prioresses Tales £25
The Franklin’s Tale £30
The Merchant’s Tale £35
The Miller’s & Reeve’s Tales £30
The Clerk of Oxford’s Tale £30
The Wife of Bath’s Tale £30
The Knight’s Tale £35
MAGIC and Miscellaneous
The Exeter Riddle Book
Wrap-round leather £23.50

Prophesies of Merlin
(Geoffrey of Monmouth)
Limp bound leather £18

Liber Juratus
Limp bound leather £75
Half bound £85
Fully bound  £115
We do not hold a permanent stock of these texts. If you wish to buy one, then our preferred method of sale is to arrange for the book to be available at one of the Living History or re-enactment events where we will be working as “Pan’s Pantry”.
If you can notify us a month or so in advance, then we can prepare two or three versions for you to choose from.